State Agencies

  • Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management - Division of Forest Environment
    Catherine Sparks, Assistant Director
    Bruce Payton, Deputy Chief
    Division of Forest Environment
    235 Promenade Street, Suite 394
    Providence, RI 02908
    (401) 222-2445
    The Forest Environment Program manages 40,000 acres of state-owned rural forestland, and coordinates a statewide forest fire protection plan, provides forest fire protection on state lands, assists rural volunteer fire departments, and develops forest and wildlife management plans for private landowners who choose to manage their property in ways that will protect these resources on their land. The Program promotes public understanding of environmental conservation, enforces Department rules and regulations on DEM lands, and assists the federal government in providing landowner assistance programs. Moreover, additional DFE mandates are to monitor and recommend controls for insects and disease, to work with communities promoting urban tree health, to license arborists, and to certify forest land under the state's Farm, Forest and Open Space Act [see our
    FFOS page for more information]
  • Rhode Island Tree Farm State Committee
    Milt Schumacher, Chair
    Mail: PO Box 53, No. Scituate, RI 02857
    Tel: 401.568.3421
    Co-sponsors RI Division of Forest Environment, RIFCO, Providence Water.

Federal Agencies

Forestry Organizations

Forest Landowner Associations

  • Forest Landowners Tax Council
    The Forest Landowners Tax Council (FLTC) is an independent, national non-profit organization dedicated to providing an effective and unified voice for non-industrial, private forest (NIPF) landowners on federal tax issues. The Council seeks to provide technical research to identify opportunities for timber tax improvements. FLTC is also a source of education for those who wish to learn more about timber taxation. Membership is open nationwide to all individuals, associations, or organizations interested in supporting the mission of the FLTC.
  • National Woodland Owners Association
    The NWOA is a nationwide organization of private forest and woodland owners who work together to promote good forest stewardship on their own lands. NWOA is affiliated with state and county woodland owner associations throughout the United States, and has members in all 50 states. Founded by non-industrial private woodland owners in 1983, NWOA is independent of the forest products industry and forestry agencies, and works with all organizations to promote non-industrial forestry and the best interests of woodland owners.
    Dr. Keith Argow
    374 Maple St., East - Suite 210
    Vienna, VA 22180
    Tel: 703.255.2700
  • New Jersey Forestry Organization

Laws & Regulations

Libraries & Directories

Estate Planning

Student Resources

  • Fire and Forestry Scholarships and Financial Aid Guidebook
    A guide to let students know what resources are available for them in pursuing their education in forestry careers. Some of the highlights from this guide include:
       Fire science scholarships
       Where to find grants and loans
       Benefits of pursuing degrees in forestry

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